Refurbishment projects are a special focus for Fraser Miles as they can encompass all of our many areas of expertise to deliver outstanding results all through a property. A refurb project might be to add value to a property for re-sale, letting, or simply to add years to your relationship with your home. At FMC we consider how your refurb ideas impact on your whole home, and are able to bring the best techniques and ideas to the project for maximum reward.

“Refurbishing is reinventing”

So say we. A proper refurbishment will not only add new life to your property, it can also effect a whole new feeling, changing the character and quality of your home. So often our clients are amazed at the major changes that a well-considered refurbishment can result in. A good refurbishment is the best kind of home-improvement. It takes in your home as a whole, updating and improving against a specific budget or with specific areas in mind. If your aim is to improve for maximum change, we are here to help!

refurbishment exterior facade terrace houseWhat is a building refurbishment?

Painting, replacing, re-arranging of rooms, adding new kitchen and bathroom suites, re-conditioning floors, woodwork and joinery, creating more access for daylight, adding more lighting; plumbing, electrics – the list goes on. It can also mean incorporating the bigger projects though – adding rooms and extensions. 

Specialist trades for refurbishing

FMC employ a large staff who can undertake all aspects of a refurbishment project. Having this highly experienced knowledge-base in house allows us to look at your project as a whole. We can then confidently deliver everything required in a properly planned and coordinated manner.