New Build

Much of what most of the Fraser Miles team has learnt from our shared decades of experience has come from new build projects. Planning a new build project whether for a house, major extension, or office block allows us to utilise all our skills in design, construction and planning. Our Project Managers oversee large teams to deliver these exciting projects from the ground up.

New build homes a reality

Whether buying a plot of land, or demolishing all or part of an existing property in order to start again, new build options give you the ability to create your dream home. This means you can do things on your terms rather than be governed by what’s gone before.  Working with our architects we will survey the land for its intended use making a full report that takes into account all important foundations and drainage, local laws, and the environment.

First, find a plot…or not?

We’ve all watched Grand Designs on Channel 4, (see our own Grand Designs too) and, as on the show, many new build projects are not just about finding some brownfield land and creating a vision from nothing. They are also about redevelopment and redesign of existing properties or structures. This is actually new build at its most exciting: creating something brave and new from something old. Calling on all our skills in refurbishment and renovation, as well as the build skills which will follow our planning and design phases, such new build projects unsurprisingly don’t come cheap, but will deliver great value in the finished building, and allow for our customers’ visions to be realised most fully.

Talk to us early on

Mat Miles who leads our Project Management team has over 25 years experience encompassing new build projects both big and small and is a fount of knowledge of the processes involved in getting such projects off the ground, not to mention delivered on time and on budget. Contact us with some information on your plans or call on 01273 758 367.