Loft Conversions

loft conversion bedroom roof recessed lights modernA loft conversion is one of the best ways of increasing the size of your house and making it feel new again. Creating a space for yourself or guests in what is most commonly an underused or wasted area is hugely satisfying and can add great value to your home also. It is also likely to have less impact on your home that you imagine, during the build itself.

Going up! Why it works

Every room in the roof we finish has a wow factor. There is something about converting underused existing space into what often becomes a favourite room, that has a magical effect. It is also generally a low-impact modification both for the neighbourhood – loft conversions are very common these days – and in terms of disruption (more on that below). Keeping your house’s footprint the same also means no impact on outside space. Your garden doesn’t need to shrink and the rest of your house can stay pretty much the same.

Designing your loft conversion

En suite bathroom? Juliet balcony? Built in wardrobes? Walk in wardrobes!? All these and more are possible and we can help you realise just what is possible in the space you can achieve. Every house is different and one of the hardest things for owners embarking on loft conversions is getting their heads round just what space they will end up with. Overwhelmingly it is a pleasant surprise and we will endeavour to not only create as much room as possible but also ensure that your design makes the most of it. We’ve got lots of tips and tricks – see our case study on the right for a bit of insight into one of our projects.

Starting at the top

Most of our loft conversions will start with us going into your attic space from outside. Scaffolding is set up and we will complete the earliest and most fundamental work without having to enter your main house at all. Only as the final phase of the work begins will we ‘break through’ into the main house to create the space for which we will build the stairs that suit the space, going up to your brand new room in the roof. There’s a lot of competition in the world of loft-conversions. We believe we are able to go the extra mile in terms of creativity and design. Tell us about your loft conversion ideas.