Kitchens & Bathrooms

The most important rooms in the house according to many, and with the kitchen, so often a focal point for family life. With expert joiners and plumbers we can create your bespoke kitchen from scratch or fit the suite of your choice.

Kitchens and bathrooms to love

Somehow kitchens and bathrooms are rooms that inspire passion and strong feelings. . Kitchens are no longer just about cooking, they are places to invent and be social, to be inspired and to create great memories. We think even the simplest kitchen suite can bring extra joy to a home.  We will work with you to design, plan and install or build the kitchen or bathroom that you want. It’s not just about the cupboards, cabinets, and fittings either. Clever and impact-ful modular lighting is a must to consider. At what is often a low-cost, some thought and creativity with lighting options will ensure these functional rooms go way beyond their original purpose. kitchen lighting to add life to your kitchen

From worktops to rain-showers

We believe, perhaps above other types of rooms even, a good kitchen or bathroom is about the quality of experience it gives you.  We can advise on those little touches that takes these rooms to another level. Fraser Miles work with a wide range of suppliers and can help source the best products and fittings so that you maximise the rewards when investing in the various purchases needed.

Move your house around?

As homes become less formal and more inviting and socially attuned in their designs than they use to be, so have the styles of their  kitchens and bathrooms. It can even be worth considering whether your current kitchen room is the right ‘room’ for it; or whether your bathroom is in fact in the right place. It’s easy for us to think in terms of ‘boxes’ and indeed house designs traditionally have required this. As we are able to create more open-plan room designs with advancing building techniques, or re-plumb areas of a house more easily, so we are able to more easily re-design our houses.   The placement of kitchens and bathrooms are no exception.  We like to think every project through properly, contact us now to bring our out-of-the-box thinking to your kitchen or bathroom project.