Grand Designs

Every extension and every loft conversion ¬†we do is a grand design of sorts, but Grand Designs with capital letters means those big projects that totally transform a house, office or public building. This might be a mega-extension or a new wing to your home. It could be a new basement with swimming pool and a gym,or a summer house connected by a gallery and dining-room around your garden. We love big projects, we’d love to hear about yours.

Here’s to the dreamers

Every grand design starts with an idea. Perhaps it’s born of a need: you need more space, your family is growing, you need to let more light into your home. Perhaps it comes from a long-held dream of having that special space that is unique to you. As well as builders and constructions side grand design dining room table and chairsspecialists, we are an extended team that encompasses architects, planners, project managers, materials specialists. In fact we have everyone you need to take your Grand Design from original concept through planning requirements, to glorious reality.

Your Grand Designs

Our advice is to not get bogged down in detail first, but to think about what your end goal is – we can work out how to get you there. We are motivated by your inspiration and the challenge of the process; converting that to your delivered dream is where we excel. From the very start we can make suggestions, explain processes, provide costs, come up with alternative ideas, breakdown project schedules. We can do everything you need to add momentum and real direction to your idea. It’s more than likely we will come up with a few inspirations of our own for you too.