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Our first blog on our brand new website! So it’s about that exactly – our website. We are very happy to launch and are looking forward to posting lots on here about our projects and new developments in FMC. We’ll also talk about some of the aspects of building projects as they relate to you and any project that you may be considering.

Construction projects: inside track

A quick glance around our website will tell you a little bit about the focus if Fraser Miles. We’ve got a Case Studies section, a Blog, FAQs, and a Gallery. These sections are all about keeping you informed about us and what we can do. More than this though, they are also about helping our customers learn more about the detail of the kind of projects they can do with us. Whether for loft conversions, house extensions, a new kitchen and bathroom, a brand new house from scratch or some extensive refurbishment and renovation, these pages are for you.

case stuidies of bnrighton construction projects

The Case Studies page

Take a look at our very first case study: a loft conversion for a young family in Hove (Hangleton actually, I hear them say!). These happy customers were good enough to write up the story of their attic conversion. They talk about the original idea, the early steps they had to go through to get started, the process itself and how long it took, and of course the finished product complete with pics.

Lots of pictures of building projects!

A picture paints a thousand words right? We think so and we will continue to populate our gallery with all sorts from the construction projects we undertake. There are lots in there of the finished projects, but we also think it is interesting to show you the projects as they go along.

Gallery screenshot fraser miles construction

The Gallery page

As such, look out for many works-in-progress images on our website as time goes on. We know how many people are interested in how we go about our construction projects. What exactly does a loft extension look like before we break through?! What does break through even mean??! (See our FAQs for that one).

What’s more we are on the move a lot so check out our Instagram for the latest images hot off the press. ¬†Talking of which..

Fraser Miles Social Media

As we’ve updated our digital footprint with a new website, we thought it only right to properly make our

Fraser Miles Construction Brighton are on Google+ Facebook and Instagram

Let’s socialise!

presence known across a few important social media platforms too. These are the places where we first post not only pics, but news about our services and latest projects we want to share with you. Go to our blog home page for the follow us buttons and links.


Our building services

Of course as well as being friendly and helpful, our website is also chiefly about informing you about what we can provide to our customers. It’s not just about the aforementioned rooms-in-the-roof and refurbishments etc on our Services page. What we call ‘Grand Designs’ is one of our most exciting growth areas. These are the big projects. A big house, a medium-sized house becoming much bigger, an extensive portfolio of renovations and extensions maybe…that swimming pool, home gym or games room you’ve always wanted! We’re not just about the ordinary, we embrace the extraordinary too!

Brighton Property Maintenance company

That’s us too. Our large team and in-depth experience has allowed us to form a reliable, fast, responsive service dedicated to providing landlords and property agents with all trades serving all¬†aspects of property maintenance.

Our PM department

Our PM department

From small plumbing and redecorating jobs, to the extensions and refurbs that are our bread and butter. Check out our property maintenance page for more info and drop us a line to find out more about how we can help you.

The BEST building company in Brighton & Hove?

That’s what we believe we are and that’s what we will always strive to be. We love feedback and all our customers know how much we treasure the dialogue with them. It helps us get our projects right and deliver above and beyond expectations. As such we’d always like to hear what you think of our website. PLEASE TELL US if you’d like us to put more into our FAQs, write a blog on a particular aspect of construction or any of our services, or capture some pics of anything particular. This blog and this entire website is for you so let us know what you think! Happy reading, and we hope you will become a regular visitor to our blog, our social media pages and this website.