It depends on the size of the project, though  normally any project will be started between 6-8 weeks at the very latest.

Ideally plans and structural engineers drawings, but we do offer these services if you’re stuck on how everything works. Just ask.

Yes we need architects plan and structural engineers drawings usually, dependent on the type and scale of project. We can help you get these things from trusted and excellent partners of our if you haven’t got them yourself.

About 6-8 weeks is typical for an attic conversion.

Loft conversions greatly depending on specification and scale. You can call us and describe your current roof and plans and we’ll do our best to give you a ball-park figure though we could only confirm by seeing your property and quoting.  Why not check out one of our case studies on a loft conversion in Hove.

It can vary a lot. The best idea is to allow us to come round and then quote for you. Our quotes are broken down and explained in full.

Planning permission is sometimes required for various extensions on modifications to homes and other buildings. It varies depending on your area, you might be in a conservation area for example which can have extra rules and requirements. Other things such as ‘Party Wall Agreements’ might be needed too if you share a building with a neighbour. (Ie. yours is not a fully detached home.) We can advise further if you let us know a bit about your current situation. (See also the permitted development question)

Permitted development is where planning isn’t needed as the extension or modification you have planned falls within designated pre-approved limits for the type and scale of your plans. As with all things, we will be happy to advise further.

There really is no job too big or small, we can do almost everything.

Yes of course, basement designs and creations are an area where we have much experience.

  • Yes, we have 3 full time ground workers. See our team page.

Not a problem. We have a team of 3 full time ground workers who specialise in this and related areas.

Yes you will work with one of our three full time PMs as your main point of contact for your project.

Generally speaking it will most likely be Mat or Rob for building projects and Tom for finances.

Yes of course! We are fully insured for all projects of all sizes and will be happy to  provide proof as required.

Our offices are open 9-5.30 Monday to Friday generally speaking.

Either fill in our contact form on this website, phone us, or email us to kick things off. The more info you have give us the better so we can quote properly. We may well have a question or two for you too, but then all being well we’ll be able to provide you with a full quotation, itemised with costs and timescales.

Quotations are free.

It depends on your project. Sometimes we will need plans and drawings, and will also need to meet with you and see the area you want working on.

That’s great! You are on your way to getting your project started! We can work with your architect and their plans. Just share them with us as part of our initial discussion and then we can move forward to a quote and project start date. (Not all projects need architects drawings of course, plus we can help you get them is you haven’t already.)

Yes. We have 2-3 trusted and highly professional good value architects who we can introduce you to and we know will do a great job.

This has not happened to us yet! We pride ourselves on our full communication with you every step of the way. We get you to agree and prove designs and plans for work for all stages, guiding you through the process so you know what to expect. There will be no problems on the technical or quality side and if there were to be they would be sorted out fully as part of the top-drawer professional service we always deliver.

We us this term to signal a point where we literally break through from a new construction in progress – a loft conversion or house extension – to the original part of the building. Very often this comes later than you might expect. See our loft conversion case study in Hove for an example.